Thursday, June 25, 2015

WatsApp Web is now working with iOS !!

Using WhatsApp on your desktop is no longer an issue. With the launch of WhatsApp Web, you can access your favorite instant messaging service on your laptop or desktop.
What is Whatsapp Web?
It is a computer based extension of the WhatsApp messaging services. All messages sent and received on the web, are synced with the phone application and vice versa. All action done on either of the devices will be visible on the other one, so you do not have to synchronize manually.
Is Another Account Required For the Activation of WhatsApp Web?
There is no need for another account, your original WhatsApp account number will suffice for this purpose. It is just that you will be able to access WhatsApp in two different devices, but with the same number. This makes the process very convenient for all users.
Requirements to Install Whatsapp Web
  • The first thing the user needs to have is an active WhatsApp account on an iPhone.
  • A proper internet connection must be available to both, the computer as well as the mobile device.
  • The browser you use must be the latest version. This means that Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera have to be on the latest version for you to access WhatsApp web.
How to Get Started?
  • The first thing which needs to be done is jailbreaking. You will have to jailbreak your device in case it is running at iOS 8.1.2 or an earlier version.
  • With the jailbreaking done, you have to move over to Cydia. Then search for WhatsApp enabler; running the search is free of charge.
  • Next, you will have to install a tweak. When the installation process completes, you will have to fire up WhatsApp.
  • Next you will notice a WhatsApp web option under the settings category.
  • The new WhatsApp page will have to be opened in a web browser.
  • Next up scan the QR code which appears on the site using your iPhone, and then you will be able to enjoy WhatsApp web easily.
Enjoying WhatsApp Web on iOS
WhatsApp Web is an amazing way of accessing WhatsApp on your desktop. It is a great way to access the messaging app through two devices. If you are concerned about security issues, then fret not, as you can check which browser is connected to your phone and log out in case you notice any dubious activity. If you do not have a personal computer and share the desktop with someone else, then make it a point to uncheck the “keep me signed in” tick box. Just by a few simple steps, you can avert problems easily and keep your account totally secured.
The Advantages of Using WhatsApp Web
  • You can type faster on your Mac laptops; this way you will be able to reply faster as compared to sending texts from a phone, because typing on a phone is slightly difficult and time consuming.
  • You can logout from either of the devices whenever required.
  • You can also download files from WhatsApp to your PC, so that you can make changes to it or work with it as per your convenience.
The Disadvantage of WhatsApp Web For iOS
  • You will not be able to use the group chat feature. 
  • WhatsApp display picture and status cannot be changed from the web client. 
  • Your iPhone needs to be connected to the web all the time, while using WhatsApp Web.

Friday, May 15, 2015

4 Future Technologies That Will Change Your Life in the next 5 years

The most 4 future Technologies that will change our life:

1- 5G (The 5th wireless generation )

Yes, 5G is number one in the list, its the base of many future technologies, researchers around the world are working on implementing the new technology within the next 5 years. 5G will offer ultrasonic speeds, thus a very low latency allowing so many futuristic technologies to come true.
For More info check the leading University of Surrey 5G Innovation Centre web site.

2 - IOT (Internet Of Things)

Everything is connected to the internet, objects will interact with you, with other objects and with the entire internet, your recycling bin will tell you that it needs emptying. Worrying about what to eat, just go to your fridge and ask for a recipe using the groceries you have inside. yes, it will know what's inside and it will search the internet for a recipe. many applications and wonderful technologies will use IOT. 5G will be the engine driving the IOT.

3- Quantum Computers

The most powerful computers ever made. they can process unbelievable amount of data in less than a second, a quantum computer would guess the password of your email in less than one minute trying every single possible entry. Quantum computers will help in many future researches and discoveries. read more about Quantum Computers 

4-  Self-Driving Cars:

You won't need to worry about driving anywhere new or far, in the next few years you will be able to sit in your car and tell it where to go, while drinking your morning coffee or amending your slides for an important presentation for a client. Many companies have tested prototypes of the car, and with the emerge of 5G, self-driving cars will dominate the market due to low latency communication which means fast response by the car and the surroundings, leading to a super safe mean of transportation.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quantum Computing: The Near Future

         In your pocket, on your desk, and everywhere you could imagine. Computers are dominating our life and making it much easier than ever. Since the beginning of the technological revolution we haven’t known any type of computers except the binary transistors based computers (aka Turing computers).

Every computer we have been using (PC, Laptop, smartphone, smart watch, etc…) uses the binary system, where the computer encodes every input and command into a sequence of 1’s and 0’s, limiting the computing speed to the number of transistors in the computer.

With the evolution of modern physics, the idea of quantum computers has been introduced and many corporations and countries have paid billions of dollars into research and development, for a computer that’s in theory capable of simulating the interactions of molecules, at a level of detail far beyond the capabilities of even the largest and fastest supercomputer today. This could revolutionize many disciplines, solve many problems and predict the future, moving us forward to a new super advanced technological era.

"To write down the quantum state of a system of just 300 qubits, you would need 2^300 numbers, roughly the number of protons in the known universe, so no amount of Moore's Law scaling will ever make it possible for a classical computer to process that many numbers," said Nicholas Guise, who led the research. "This is why it's impossible to fully simulate even a modest sized quantum system, let alone something like chemistry of complex molecules, unless we can build a quantum computer to do it."

Developing and designing a quantum system isn’t easy, quantum computers will be processing data by encoding them into qubits (quantum bits), these qubits hold the values of 1’s ,0’s and an unstable state, to be more precise a multidimensional super positioned state which can actually be in both 0 and 1 simultaneously  , allowing more data to be encoded. This can make writing an operation system for the quantum computer near impossible, but fortunately researchers at Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQCL) recently developed the first operating system for a quantum computer t|ket> , using a custom designed computer to accurately simulate a quantum processor.

  "CQCL is at the forefront of developing an operating system that will allow users to harness the joint power of classical super computers alongside quantum computers," read a statement from the company.

"The development of t|ket> is a major milestone. Quantum computing will be a reality much earlier than originally anticipated. It will have profound and far-reaching effects on a vast number of aspects of our daily lives."

Many firms and organizations are in the process of developing the first quantum processor although researchers developed a new chip architecture for the quantum computers but still there is not a timeline or any expected date of release for the whole machine.
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1 -"Ball-grid array architecture for microfabricated ion traps," by Nicholas D. Guise, Spencer D. Fallek, Kelly E. Stevens, K. R. Brown, Curtis Volin, Alexa W. Harter, Jason M. Amini, Robert E. Higashi, Son Thai Lu, Helen M. Chanhvongsak, Thi A. Nguyen, Matthew S. Marcus, Thomas R. Ohnstein and Daniel W. Youngner. Journal of Applied Physics, May 5, 2015. DOI: 10.1063/1.4917385

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools around the web !

It's the first of April, it's April fools, in this post we will see how creative the big corporations trying to fool their users and customers.

The New Google SmartBox:

PlayStation Flow (Gaming Experience while swimming):

Google Fibre if you missed the Dial-Up

Volvo Introducing Smartphone Airbags

Honda HR-V Selfie Edition:

Fancy a Smart Ring ? Check it out :

One last thing I dare you typing in the address bar and using it for the whole day ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Find Anything , Anywhere !!

Do you ever try to find something in your city or a city you are visiting and have no luck finding information online?

Well thats why Seeqe is here ! Seeqe is a community-based platform that helps users find anything, anywhere. Just enter what you're "Seeqing" and the city of your preference and we will show you exactly where you can find it. If you cant find it on Seeqe, just ask the community and we will email you when someone from the Seeqe community finds it.


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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hello Apple Watch !

Apple finally revealed the release date of Apple Watch earlier this week in San Francisco. 'Spring Forward' the motto of this year's event also revealed a new Macbook and the regular updates for Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. If you missed the keynote, here is a 2 minutes summary:

More facts about Apple Watch?

The new MacBook comes in three colors Space Grey, Gold and Silver with a 12" retina screen and intel M core Processor:

USB, HDMI ,Ethernet ports ??
Unfortunately, you will need this USB-C connector to use them :(

I love how Apple makes a big deal of their products, but wasn't that impressed with the new watch ,although I loved the new MacBook.

Did Apple follow the trend of Wearable Technology to fit in the market or did they reinvent the technology?

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Project ARA The New Generation of Smartphones (Latest Update)

Project ARA is the name of the initiative development of OpenHardware handset, giving birth to the Modular Smartphones industry 'and most probably the future of smartphones'. The idea came up earlier in 2011 and  development started in 2013 by many innovative companies working alongside with Google. 

So What Is The Concept of ProjectARA ?

Watch this video showing a DEMO of ProjectARA:

More Details ??

As seen above ProjectARA is designed to give freedom of choosing gadgets and modules, letting new businesses and enterprises to innovate in this new technology,

Latest Updates:
'Yezz' a small smartphones and gadgets manufacturer showed case some of the gadgets and prototypes for ProjectARA, 

Interview with Yezz's CEO:

A close-up view:

Will it be the Future of Smartphones?
Share your thoughts with us below...